Inchicore Bluebell Community Addiction Team

Community Response to Community Needs

‘Our Vision is that all those living with addiction in Inchicore and Bluebell will have access to a holistic addiction service locally.’

The Inchicore Community Drug Team was founded in 1999 as a response to a chronic drug problem in Inchicore,  In 2011 the Inchicore Community Team and Bluebell Addiction Service merged to create the Inchicore Bluebell Community Addiction Team.

The Inchicore Bluebell Community Addiction Team helps people struggling with addiction in their lives. We offer a range of services for service users and their families.

We support our service users to make positive changes in their lives. Those who access the service struggle with many issues alongside their addiction. Our community based holistic model provides the support that allows service users to address their addiction by keyworking with them to tackle these ancillary problems.

Many service users deal with homelessness, poverty, violence, poor family relationships, legal issues and mental health problems.

Support, Options, Change, Recovery

‘It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness’

We offer a range of services and supports which allows Service Users to make the necessary changes in their lives and start or continue on the road to recovery. Our service has evolved over the years in response to the changing needs of clients and the changing trends in drug use.

Our holistic model is invaluable to clients. For example, a Service User may access our project for Addiction Counselling, her child may attend the Children’s Project where they will engage in therapeutic play and have a hot meal each day, her mother or father may attend the Family Support Group. All the while her keyworker will support her and track how she and her family are coping and progressing through the care continuum.

This intensive support gives the service users the space to cope with their often chaotic day to day lives and address the underlying issue of their addiction in a caring supportive and non-judgmental environment.